Monday, July 23, 2012

four months

Man, four months have flown by! Each day with Nora is so sweet, and, although at times it seems the hours drag when waiting for Mr. Allen to get home, the days pass too quickly. Being able to be a stay-at-home-mom for the past month has been unforgettable and perfect, and I will desperately await my summer break next year to spend with my sweet girl. (Because in a week I will start with my first teaching job!)

Last week, little Nora Jean turned 4 months old. I waited (too long) to update until after her doctor's appointment so I could share numbers for those who wish to know them. But let's be honest, what you're desperate for is the pictures! So, without futher ado, here they are:

Nora didn't grow like a weed these past few months, but she is still doing just fine on her little growth curve. She is now almost 13 pounds and 24.5 inches. Her turning-4-months-old-week was a big week for her:

She wants to show you all that she has teeth coming through. That's right - plural TEETH. One made its gummy appearance last weekend, and, once it started pushing through this past week, the next one started to float to the top. Needless to say, it's been a rough week for little lady with a runny nose and fusses of pain.

She started rolling all ways (front to back, back to front, you name it - she does it) last weekend as well. She had done it a few "accidental" times before, but now it's the real thing and there's no containing her. I swear that secretly she can crawl too, because the positions I find her in after nap... man, that girl can squirm and move.

Dr. Roy gave us the "okay" to start her on "solids". Here she is trying her first spoonful of rice cereal. Don't let her fool you, she loves it. She's already a pro on day 3, leaning in for more and more.
All this progress in just one week. Man, we have our hands full (blessed beyond our dreams full.)
I still stare at her daily in amazement that she is ours. God is so good to give us children. (I hope that mindset never changes.) I am completely in love and smitten with this little lady.

...leaving her in a week, well - let's not talk about that.