Sunday, December 18, 2011

la sencillez de Sunday [preview]

I'm going to be starting a new weekly series called "la sencillez de Sunday" [the simplicity of Sunday,] and I have two objectives with these Sunday posts: provide you with a simple craft/project/recipe and a simple truth. I also hope that I can be diligent enough to actually locate and create a simple craft each week, then blog about it. The simple truths will come from the pulpit at church each Sunday.

This is the first week or preview week, and next Sunday is Christmas. I still plan to have a post go up next Sunday morning for the series, but you'll forgive me if not, right!? The series officially starts with the new year.

I hope you will enjoy the simple crafts I share. As always, I'm sure the majority of my inspiration will come from pinterest, but I promise to give creative credit where it is due.

To keep my crafts "simple," here are the rules I will follow:
1) There will be less than 5 steps, start to finish.
2) Minimal craft supplies will be needed. If I suggest a craft supply that I don't think you will have at your house already, (like if I find modge-podge to be absolutely necessary for the project) I promise to re-use that supply in later projects so that if you are crafting with me, you are getting the best bang for your buck. [Let's go in with the goal of no bucks being spent. I don't have very many free dollars floating around; don't know about you...]
3) The crafts will either be seasonal to the time of year we are currently in or multi-use, where then can be used over and over and loved over and over.

So, here is your preview:

Simple Craft: Magazine Christmas Trees
Supplies needed: old magazine
      (That's it. Seriously!)
Optional supplies: paperclip, scissors

Here is my inspiration:

click for source

I just stumbled on this project via pinterest, and, as I scooted around the blog, I absolutely love what I found. [Their projects may become many of my simple craft inspirations.]

Here is my version:

I decided to take it a step further and create three sizes. My largest tree is made from just one magazine (and it is a little bare in the back, so I would recommend using two magazines if you want more fullness, as was suggested on the blog). My two other trees are both made from the same magazine. I cut the magazine with scissors (optional extra supply), making one section about 4" tall, and the other about 7".

¡¿Sencillo, no?! [Simple, no?!]

Here there are in their "home" in our home, on the table next to my sewing machine:

Simple truth: Today's message was take from Matthew 1, the birth story of Jesus - more specifically Joseph's reaction to finding out about Mary's pregnancy. Because Joseph understood that his life was a part of God's story, He understood the need to honor God with his reaction. So, originally he chose that he would not embarrass Mary anymore than needed and would quietly end the engagement. Instead, God stepped in, sending an angel to tell Joseph that this was all part of God's plan being put into action. Because Joseph believed and acted upon his faith, he was able to have a role in bringing baby Jesus to Earth. When we believe and act upon our faith in obedience, we can have a role in bringing Jesus' story into our world. People talk about how their family or friends or neighborhood need Jesus [and that's true!], but if you are believer, you are the Jesus-in-flesh that God has put in your family, friend circle, and neighborhood to share the Gospel.

¡¿Sencillo, no?!

That's is for the preview week of la sencillez de Sunday. I hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment, let me know!

Be sure to enjoy this week-before-Christmas. Enjoy your family, you friends, and the truth of this season - a sacrificial gift, a King.

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  1. Aww these trees are SO cute! Nice job, they turned out great! I'm stopping by from the Sunday Social. I hope you'll check my blog out as well!



  2. I love these littles trees. I remember making similar ones growing up out of the phone book. So fun! I'm stopping by from the Sunday Social. :) New follower.

  3. Oh fun! - AND simple. ;)

    I'm excited for this new series. You are an awesome blogger.

  4. I love this idea and I love your little trees! Don't forget to link up to my party going on now! :)

  5. Hi Alyssa! Stopping by from a Pinteresting link party, nice tree! I love it when crafts are simple, cheap and so cute. I also made a Christmas tree, that costed me nothing! I'm a new follower. It would be great if you could visit my blog.
    Saludos from Spain!

  6. Love it! Great way to decorate and recycle! Thanks for sharing.