Monday, October 10, 2011

clean up on aisle allen.

Last week our computer was "in the shop" for a few days and it was mid-term week for Mr. Allen. It was not a good week for me to steal the computer and throw in an update. That being said, blog post ideas have been brewing in my head this whole time I've taken off. (It's been 2 weeks. Have you noticed? I'm so sorry!) This post will be a catch-all or a clean-up on what's been happening since then. And, hopefully, with the computer back in the game and better than ever, I'll be able to get a few more posts in without the long pause in between.

Is it okay if I show off for a little while again? Me following all these crafty/sewing blogs has got me hyper-inspired to live on the crafty side of life. Here's a few of my latest projects:

This little monster is our front entrance door. I saw the same door while spending hour upon hour on Pinterest, made by this blogger. What are the odds that, not only would I absolutely love this little guy's design, but have a green door perfect for his face to hang upon? Last night I painted some recycled cardboard and created Frankenstein to haunt charm our neighbors throughout October.

Project #2: I think I've mentioned before (if I'm not crazy) that I'm sewing Cubbie's cloth diapers. Well, two of them are almost done. I'm going to show them to you as if they were done. So get ready to "oooh" and "aaah"over these adorable little poop and pee holders.

These are just two of the designs... there are many to come. I will post some more just to show you how cute they will be. I tried to get gender-friendly designs, but let's be honest - if Cubbie is a Mr., he will still be wearing that one with the pink, but it will be under his onesie and you will only know if you change his diaper. And if, while changing his diaper, the fact that he is wearing a diaper with pink on it is your biggest issue, be thankful.

And now, folks, comes the moment you've all been waiting for. Last week one of my facebook statuses mentioned that a stranger had noticed my baby belly. I was ecstatic. Then I wore the same pants for the next 3 days and I got nothing. So the bump, although it sure did exist, was, well, tiny. Shane and I could tell, and that special librarian, but the rest of the world didn't notice.

Then on Sunday, I wore a skirt that hid everything from anyone (not on purpose.) I had a friend tell me, who I hadn't seen in about a month and a half, that she was shocked at how little I was for almost 4 months. And here I was thinking that I was getting big. Well, Sunday afternoon I took off that skirt and switched to pants and WHAM - there's that baby belly.

Here it is today. 17 1/2 weeks. Cubbie sure is growing. tells me that baby is the size of an onion this week, 5.1 inches long and weighs just less than 6 ounces. What a shrimpy. But what a blessing.

We are so eager to meet our little Cubbie, and we still have so long to wait. In 4 weeks we will get to find out the gender, and then we'll be selecting names. I'm not sure how soon we will share the names, but just knowing more about our baby will be wonderful!

Hopefully this week I'll be able to get at least one more post in. Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments or on facebook, I love to know who is reading and what they are thinking!

with patience.

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  1. Oh, I love your crafting! The poop and pee holders are adorable - and I am super impressed.

    I LOVE YOUR BELLY!!! It is so cute. Me and My Nikon are itching to take a little trip about 4 hours west... :)3 hours? 4 hours? Anyway, you look darling.

  2. Alyssa I love this! I can't believe you have a little belly now! Can't wait to hear more about little Cubbie and also (hopefully) actually see you in person soon!!

  3. 1. The diapers are v. cute!
    2. I love baby bump pictures and yours is extra cute
    3. can't wait to see you soo soon
    4. I miss you

  4. I'm glad you posted again - I noticed the break. Nice door! We should craft together soon, maybe some projects for Cubbie's room?

  5. so, I read this on my phone last night, and I immediately wanted to tweet this cuteness of a baby bump to all my followers and be SO excited about it! {I resisted, but I'm still SO tempted}

  6. Hey Lil Sis,

    I love reading your blog. I am so happy for you and Shane! You are building such an awesome life for yourselves. Best of luck with everything!

  7. Love the baby bump!!! so fun! Can't wait for all the following pics. And your cloth diapers are adorable! WAY TO GO!

  8. Your baby belly is SOOO cute!! I am 5 weeks today and I am just so excited!

    Enter to win an iPhone case here!

  9. Great blog you have here! Great job on the cloth diapers! We use cloth diapers for my almost 10 month old (Eeep! So close to 1 year.) and we have loved it! You will love it too. Will be checking back here to see how things are going with you and your little one on the way. Thank you for the comment over at Aley Creations! Blessings!