Thursday, October 20, 2011

my wednesday.

Yesterday was a day in my life to be marked in the Alyssa history books. Believe me, when you read this, you won't think any special about my Wednesday. Maybe you'll actually feel sorry for me (and my lack of excitement a real life.)

Well, here it goes. It all started, well, normally - super long naptime during Henry's morning nap. (Believe me, that is a great way to start your everyday. It's the biggest benefit of the nanny career, especially being a pregnant nanny.) We played, we sang, we got annoyed of each other. All a normal day's work.

And then in the afternoon, we had a boo-boo. A big one. He... fell of the bed. On my watch. I have never felt so badly about anything I don't think. I also don't think I'll be able to stop being haunted by it. He was laying on his parents bed, resting, since he had woken up grumpy from an afternoon nap. I was in the other room (for 3 minutes) thinking he might actually go back to sleep. He was making those I'm-so-tired-I-am-going-to-sing-myself-to-sleep sounds, and I thought 'Yes, this is working.' And then, there was a I'm-on-the-move sound, and I panicked and headed to the hall only to hear that loud, deafening thump on the ground.

I mean, the boy only learned to crawl last week. And he doesn't make it look easy. He doesn't do it beautifully yet. He usually lays so still on the bed because it's so fluffy and comfy. But this time he didn't. And I'm to blame.

Oh, it was bad. But he was fine, just shocked, and only cried for 45 seconds. But I called his mom immediately and dreaded each ring while I waited for her to pick up.

I was the biggest loser, failure, jerk, idiot of a nanny. It was awful. I cried. I hugged Henry like never before and played whatever little games he wanted to play for the rest of the afternoon. He acted like he didn't know any differently. Thank you for your quick forgiveness Henry.

So that was that. Awful. And walking into the room today made me sick.

Well, then I got home and found my hunky husband snuggled up in bed with a book. It looked so comfy, amidst the rainy, blowy, nastiness I had just walked in from. So I grabbed my book, two cups of peach tea (of which I drank both), and snuggled right up with him to enjoy the warmth on a cold fall day.

It's wonderful how a cup of tea, book, and handsome hubby can erase your sorrows. Man, I love that man.

Taking a break from my book for a few minutes, I checked my emails and reader to see if any of my favorite bloggers had updated. And it was the best check I have ever made. I read this lovely lady's blog and found out that there was a winner for her latest giveaway, and that winner was ME!

I must admit, I enter myself into a lot of giveaways, especially lately, even if I only half want the prize. When entering, I think to myself 'They could always make good presents for... someone.' But this giveaway was not of the sort. She was featuring this hot mama's handcrafted etsy items - Lulu Wraps. Now, if you have received my Christmas list already for this year (well actually only my grandparents have) you would know that a Lulu Wrap was mentioned on Cubbie's list. I love Elle's blog and had already had my eye on these wraps for some time.

I was ecstatic to win not only a giveaway, but the one and only that I actually really wanted to win! YAY! I can't wait for that cute little wrap to arrive! Even better, I can't wait for a baby to be carried in that wrap, sitting so close to me. :]

Then last night I had a date night. No, unfortunately it was not with my handsome Mr. But instead, I met up with some friends from high school, Kate and Sarah, who go to school in Chicago. We met at a cute little Italian place called Vapiano that only opened 2 weeks ago. It was delicious. But even better, it was refreshing, so refreshing. Thank you, girls, for letting me share my probably absolutely boring stories, for laughing with me, for just simply being there with me. I haven't had many chances lately to just be one-of-the-girls, and it felt so good. Friends are good.

So that was my Wednesday. It was awful and wonderful and beautiful. Henry still loves me, and I most definitely still love him. We'll get through this haunting of the parents' bed incident. Other than that down fall (literally), it was a good Wednesday. And even though it was a cold, stormy, windy fall day yesterday, I still hold true to my absolute love for fall in Chicago. It's blissful and fresh.

with gentleness.


  1. I had a very similar experience when I was nannying, only my little boy fell from one of those wobbly bridges on the playground. Head first. I was so mortified that I cried myself to sleep for like 3 nights! But, he was fine and quickly forgot the entire incident. Kids are great that way! :)

    YAY for winning a giveaway! If you look on my blog you can get a peak at the gift I mentioned on your facebook the other know, in case you can't stand the anticipation of waiting until next week. :)

  2. Wow, my comment was super longgg...sorry about that...

  3. Hooray! I'm soooo glad you won:-) You should be getting your little prize in the mail soon. Little bebe is gonna love it! xoxo

  4. I'm so glad you won. I was secretly hoping you would be the winner because you seemed so excited about my product, which, of course, makes me excited. :) Hope you got it by now and I hope you love it. Let me know if you have any questions. xo