Saturday, February 18, 2012

planes, trains, and automobiles

I've tried them all: planes, trains, and automobiles. I've even tried a boat and bicycle here and there. But yesterday, as I was riding the train to Michigan from Chicago, I realized how much more I prefer the train.

If I could, I would turn this into a large three-element Venn diagram (see there is a teacher in me deep down inside even though she's been deprived of her real capabilties for a while now) and really show you what I mean. But I'm not that worried about you figuring it out, nor do I want to spend the time designing that Venn diagram, so here it is in words.

Trains: ...go fast. (Planes and automobiles do this too.)
Trains: ...don't have seatbelt lights/rules. Shoot, they don't even have seatbelts. Getting up and walking around is ... awesome, and it's more than necessary when pregnant (especially when the doctor told you this week you shouldn't be traveling anymore since you're over 34 weeks. Whoops.)
Trains: ...have outlet plugs. (Some automobiles do, and I'm sure there are planes that do, but I've never experienced them.) This feature saves me big time: Cell phone dead (because I played to many games on it out of boredom)? No problem - plug it in. Want to watch a movie on your laptop and not waste away your battery? Plug it in. Have crazy-bad back pain because of a wee-little one in your stomach (or in your life)? Plug in that heatpad and soak in the goodness of relief.
Trains: ...have a food cart. Yesterday was the first time I think I have ever not taken advantage of this feature. Sure, I know that all the food and drinks are overpriced (and frozen to warm in about 30 seconds), but how convinient are they to be ready at the drop of a hat, not slowing down your trip to stop and pick something up, and there's no need to pack extra snacks for the ride.
Trains: ...are not dependent on the weather nearly as much as the other two. Snow does not stop the train from traveling fast (cars can't say the same) or landing safely (planes are guilty here). I'm sure there are times when the train suffers from the woes of bad weather, but I know that it is my go-to method of getting home if the weather turns a little iffy.

All this being said, put me on the train every time. Please. I love being able to have a relaxing ride to wherever I'm headed. And when Amtrak gets wi-fi, trains might compete with heaven. What could be better?

Oh yeah, having possession of Hermoine's Time Turner might be nice to just go appear in places. Maybe someday I will really master the art of Harry Potter-ness, but I'm still struggling with Lumos when I'm laying in bed late at night. Our pesty apartment light just doesn't know the spell.

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