Sunday, March 4, 2012

MS love.

Let me preface this post with a gigantic: I'm SO sorry about my blogging absence. There have been posts floating here and there in my brain, and I just couldn't seem to discipline myself enough to sit down, think the post idea fully through, and publish it. And now so many post ideas have come and gone, so I will start again with something simple... a confession.

It all started about 9 months ago. You know, around the same time our marriage started; around the same time this baby-waiting-business started. A week or two into our marriage, I got out of the shower and draped my towel over my head (not in the typical turban style, but more of a New Testament, mother of Jesus style) and then I asked Mr. Allen if I looked like Mary, mother of Jesus.

This became a little game I played after each shower, like an inside joke (yes, I'm aware it's not funny at all), as I would change the character of asking, yet keep the same towel draping. I asked Mary, mother of Jesus, Mother Teresa, Mary Magdalene, and then out came "Martha Stewart."

And then, I had to admit it - my secret obsession, love, craze for Martha Stewart. I told Mr. Allen about my guilty pleasure of watching hour after hour of the Martha Stewart show on the Hallmark Channel. (I had a lot of TV-watching time when I nanny-ed for Henry. That boy could sleep!) Her ideas are brilliant, beautiful, cliche and, yet, glorious. Oh, Martha, how you amaze me each episode.

Now, I'm not dumb enough to think that she is sitting there, being a genius, thinking up every ounce of her creative flow. I know she's got people working for her. But, man, what a woman.

I've learned to not be ashamed of my adoration for her style. In fact, I found out about a free subscription to the Martha Stewart Living magazine, and I sure did jump at the opportunity.

Now my relax/chill-out/escape-from-the-world-moments are spent in a warm, bubbly tub with a MSL issue in hand. I soak in the beautiful, warm water while I repeat page-after-page "Oh, Martha, you never cease to amaze me." or "You're right; I should do my house like that!" or "Why did I never think of organizing my closet like that, Martha?".

In fact, just last night, I needed one of those escape-my-problem nights in the tub and I read the February issue and felt so much better (about the fact that this baby only teases me of making an appearance) afterward. And, since a new issue comes each month, I am licensed to get-away for an hour or so every month.

So, thank you, Martha, for your brilliant ideas, beautiful creativity, and allowing me a wonderful escape. :]

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