Friday, September 2, 2011

here's to home.

A weekend back in Battle Creek, oh how I've waited for you. Since I've become a Mrs., we've spent probably a total of 5 hours in Battle Creek visiting with my parents. And that was over two separate occasions. And lately, I've needed to be back. I don't want to call Battle Creek "home" because it is no longer that. Mr. Allen and I have made a home here for ourselves, for our family. ...of three. ;) But I have missed being in a familiar land with familiar faces and love galore.

So here's to spending time in a place I love, the only homeland I've ever really known. I grew up in that house for 20 years, and every time I walk in the door, it feels sweeter than ever.

The plans for the weekend: (well, my from my plan book that is)
- Enjoy some delicious Sir Pizza, a recipe that no other chain can duplicate... which is really a shame since we live 3 hours away now.
- Spend time with my mom, who even though I had a date with last week, I can never get enough of.
- Spend time with my parents over playing cards, eating food (and too much ice cream probably), college football (yes, I did just put that on the "to-do" list), and good conversation.
- Time in the yard playing campus golf, maybe throwing a softball, kicking a soccer ball, walking through my aunt's garden, just enjoying the country side that I miss so dearly in this big city.
- Seeing family and friends that it's been too long since I've seen (yes, 3 months is definitely too long.)
- Sleeping in and maybe waking up to the dog barking. It's weird that I've missed that noise I used to dread, but now days that means I've let myself sleep at least until the sun comes up, maybe later. And that, my friends, is a good thing for this overly tired babybody.

This 3 hour drive will fly as I think about how wonderful this weekend will be.
Dad, Mom - can't wait to be home.

with joy.

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