Wednesday, September 7, 2011

on saving.

I've never been smart with my money. My mom always teased me that money burned a whole in my pocket, instantaneously. I had to spend it as soon as I got it. And I know I was never one to think through whether the purchase was really worth it or not. I just needed to spend that cash. [I also still have a wicked obsession with new things. They make me happy.]

So, here we are in a new chapter of our life... marriage. Not just that, there's this little bit of goodness coming down the road in a few months that's "start up cost" (we'll call it that) is $2000. Eeek. Yes, we want Cubbie here, but does he/she out come with a big bow of hundreds attached? Oh how I wish. Baby, please do me that one favor. (Oh yeah, and an easy delivery would be nice!)

This marriage-thing on one salary, well it's interesting to say the least. We started the journey with a nice bundle in the savings account. (Thank you all those who attended and gave at our wedding.) But then that nice little chunk was tapped into a few times now... you know, our car broke two weeks into the marriage, twice, and we wanted to eliminate one of Shane's loans, so we decided to pay out of pocket savings fund.

So here we are 3 months in, and working our way to really really stretch those few numbers that represent my paycheck each week, to make ends meet and put away some money for this bundle of joy on its way in just 6 more months.

Our latest movements toward pinching the pennies? Last month we invested in large amount of fabric. I will be making all of Cubbie's cloth diapers from scratch. (I'll share pictures soon, no worries. They are cute!) Tonight we decided (against my will) to venture to Aldi for groceries. I've tasted Aldi before and my taste-buds were horribly and dreadfully disappointed. The animal cookies though, those were wonderful... best ever. Tonight's grocery bill alone though, makes me a half-believer. The cost was less than half of our regular from Jewel. Thank you Jesus. We have food... a lot and it cost half. So, for the next few weeks were will be enjoying or at least investigating what Aldi has to offer, at half-off.

Here's to saving more and more, each penny saved is closer to this baby being here, and it being paid for.

with patience.

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