Sunday, January 1, 2012

la sencillez de Sunday [stationery]

Welcome, officially, to la sencillez de Sunday (the simplicity of Sunday.) As I expected, with the holiday craziness, trip home, lack of sit-down-computer-time because of too much enjoy-my-families-time, last week I didn't get a post. But here we are, the first of the year, and the first official post for this series. [If you didn't get a chance to yet, check out the preview post to the series to get an idea of what it's all about.] Let's get started!

Simple Craft: Bubbly Stationery
Supplies needed: paper, envelopes, straw, water (1/2 cup), sugar (1 teaspoon), dish soap (1 teaspoon), food coloring (10 drops per color)

My inspiration came from this book I got for Christmas, which I absolutely LOVE! I also got the Home Decor version, and I'm sure that I will be referring to  obsessing completely about here on the blog often.

Mix together the water, sugar, and soap until the sugar dissolves. Add your coloring (feel free to play with colors, since most food coloring comes in the primary colors,) and be very generous about the coloring.

Stick your straw in the bottom of the glass, and blow some bubbles. When the bubbles overflow over the top of the cup, lay your paper (and/or envelope) on top of the bubbles, causing them to pop. Repeat blowing and popping stages over and over until you have the design you like.

Be prepared to make a mess, because those bubbles will get all over the table (and your face.) This would be such a fun craft to do with kids, especially those learning to write, so they could create their own stationery for writing to a grandparent, friend, etc.

Here are my final pieces:

¡¿Sencillo, no?!

Don't worry, I had some failure pieces too that were too lightly colored (which promptly went into the recycling.) The trick is to add lots of color so that the bubbles rising to the top as you blow keep the color of the water mixture.

The pink and green set I transformed into a birthday card for my adorable, wonderful niece who celebrates her 5th birthday this week and weekend. This bubbly paper idea could also turn into some really cute artwork for a kid's room, playroom, or classroom!

Simple Truth: I'm taking my simple truth from a personal devotional time I had a few days ago, while reading the book of Micah. If you've read the minor prophets (or any of the majority of the Old Testament,) you'll know God's frustration with the disobedient chosen people, the Israelites. Well, as always, God is telling of the coming destruction and punishment if His people continue in their disobedience. Then in chapter 2, verse 7, God says, "...if you would do what is right, you would find my words comforting." How often am I scared about living life according to God's plans (which always win out, by the way) and instead I selfishly follow my own agenda? I struggle with the fear that I am not obedient enough, and that I'm not spreading the Gospel boldly enough, knowing that I can be held accountable for those in my sphere of influence's salvation. If I was really living life in and by faith, following God's leading, I wouldn't need to have these fears of punishment and wrath, I would know that His words are from a loving, compassionate heart. When I act in obedience, His words, rather than being threatening to me, would comfort and encourage me.

¡¿Sencillo, no?!

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  1. I love these! I'll have to have my daughter help blow the bubbles...shed love it! Thanks for linking to A Pinteresting Party. :)

  2. We did these this past summer for July 4th using red and blue. Our weren't nearly as good as yours though. I don't think we used enough food coloring. Thanks for linking to Fabulous Friday