Sunday, January 22, 2012

la sencillez de Sunday [window decor]

A quick side-note (or two) before I begin: Just this week I was becoming overwhelmed with the idea of the commitment I had made to my blog with this series. Not only do I have to post once a week (which can be a challenge for me in itself) but I have to be constantly on the look-out for new post ideas of simple-somethings to share with you. I was thinking about maybe quitting the commitment while I'm ahead, only having the series for a few weeks, so I can go out with a bang rather than ending by forgetting to or failing to post because of no new ideas.

However, this week, as I was reading the blogs I subscribe to, I found another project. And it was simple, and it was perfect. And I thought, 'You know, I think I can do this after all. ...that is -- if these ideas just keep falling into my lap.'

But better yet, yesterday, Shane and I had such a wonderful date-day, filled with lots of outings. [Maybe I'll post about it this week. It was just that good... well-worth a post.] One of our outings was to the Urban Folk Circuit, a dual-duty craft show for artisans to sell their work and venue for upcoming local musicians to play their music and start a gathering. [It's like going to a live version of while listening to Spotify. ...aka Awesome!] Anyway, at yesterday's event there was a "make and take" craft for visitors (read:kids), and I decided to take part.

So today's simple craft is coming to you from a lovely lady I met yesterday, the blogging-face of Urban Folk Circuit's website and her own crafting blog-loveliness, Hands Occupied, Heidi. [Thank you, Heidi, for letting me share your craft idea!]

Simple Craft: Pin Prick Art
Supplies needed: cardstock (or paper), thumbtacks (push-pins), cardboard (thicker than cereal box-type), marker

Step one: Make (draw) or find (print) a template for the art piece you want to create. Heidi provided her crafters (seriously, read:kids [under 10] and me [obviously not under 10, but still very much a kid at heart]) with simple outlines of a mitten, a snowflake, or a snowglobe to choose from. Draw or print your template onto a piece of paper, making sure the lines are thick enough to fit a thumbtack into.

Step two: Pile your cardboard, piece of cardstock, and template (in that order from bottom to top) and secure with an extra thumbtack.

Step three: Use a thumbtack to trace/poke the design of your template dot-by-dot along the lines (which, since it is piled underneath, will transfer onto your cardstock piece.)

Step four: Reveal your wonderful design on your cardstock. Tape to a window and, as the sun shines in, enjoy your wonderful, simple artwork.

Obviously the sun wasn't really shining in for me.
But you get the idea. :]
Here are some other examples of pin prick art that I found online which might inspire you to get creative. [By the way, I was totally going to call this artwork piece "light-up window decor" until google revealed its real name, Pin Prick Art. I deemed it much more appropriate.]


This craft would obviously require supervision if you were to do it with children, but it could be really fun for them to display their art in the windows and enjoy it on sunny days. And, I once worked in a kindergarten classroom where the students were each responsible for putting on their own nametags using safety pins. So children of even 4 or 5 could definitely handle this craft, if they are responsible. [Why are safety pins uncannily called safety pins anyway?!]

¿¡Sencillo, no?!

[I told you that a simple-something idea fell into my lap this week from the blogs I read, which means I am already idea-set for next week! That means I will keep on with this series for at least one more. ...and some, I'm sure.]

Simple Truth: Today, I'm going to do something different for the simple truth portion. Instead of writing out a devotional-type essay and feeding you all my thoughts on Scripture, I'm going to leave you with a verse and some lyrics from a song that touched my heart today with its truth.

Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God."

You are God, You are God;
of all else I'm letting go.
(from Forever Reign by Hillsong Live)

The message is sencillo. And yet, I challenge you to -- at least for a moment, for an hour, for a day -- let go of all else and hold onto and know the truth that He is God.

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  1. that is so neat!! It reminds me of the tin art we did at Church camp when I was little. :o)

    I found you at the Sasse life Sunday Social.

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